Finally Recess
Time to sit back and have a cup of coffee

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Words and actions

Brent is saying "this" as he points to what he wants (most often a food item) and "juice". It's so cute! He is also climbing up on everything, coffee tables, chairs, opposite side of the banister (then he throws his head way back and looks back up at the ceiling), fireplace hearth, Caitlyn's bed, Caitlyn's table and his new workbench he got from Christmas. I definitely have to keep my eyes on him to keep him safe. He is so active and different from Caitlyn at this age.

Today I washed the dogs in the backyard after school in the backyard. It was quite challenging to wash quickly with Caitlyn's help and keep an eye on Brent. He was in the dogs water bowl soaking wet, crawling up the slide, on the bench, falling off the bench, back up again, on the swing, falling off the swing, back up again, in the standing water on the ground, back in the dog's water bowl, etc. By the time I brought them back inside 30 minutes later I had to put them in the bathtub to clean 'em up and warm 'em up. Luckily it was a nice warm day today. It was definitely a fun and interactive afternoon full of baths!