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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

8th Anniversary

Jeff and I celebrated our 8th anniversary yesterday. He sent me a dozen long stem red roses during the day. I got to swim with my sweet children while I am off for the summer while he slaved away at work! Then for the evening we went to dinner and a movie. We went back to the restaurant where we got engaged at 8 years ago. So hard to believe it has been that long ago. We have made it through PA school, a big move, buying our first house and having two magnificent children. It has been so much fun!

I told Caitlyn that we would be going out for the evening and she was intrigued with the whole idea that we were celebrating our anniversary but from all the discussion she really only focused on two points. We were going to our wedding and that she wanted a man-boy to marry! This morning when I woke up she immediately asked me (because she is staring at me waiting for me to open my eyes), "Did you have fun at your wedding last night mommie?" Her second question was when will I have a man-boy and/or will you be my man-boy? She obviously doesn't get that one at all. Thankfully for this mom and dad's sake!