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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's been crazy

This last week has been super fun, busy and crazy!!! I have had a ton of trainings and then Monday I started back to school. So I feel like I'm back in the rat race of life trying to balance everything! Ha! So far so good.

Caitlyn and Brent have spent a lot of time with our good friend Jenn. I'm so thankful for good friends!! Isn't her baby adorable!!!

We've made time for manis and pedis. This picture cuts off Caitlyns legs but they look entirely too long in this picture. Lol

We got a back to school haircut by the famous Miss Samantha.

And the weather has been incredible. We've been able to play basketball and take bike rides and walks at night.

We've run a LOT of errands. I'm so thankful that my kids can now get in and out of the car quickly. What a gift!!!

August can sometimes be overwhelming but ice cream always helps!!!!!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gotta be Brave

We love to be outdoors, both in the front yard and back yard. But this year has proven to be a bit more challenging in the back. My little guy loves to play baseball or swing, maybe shoot the bow and arrow and we have the perfect yard for it too.

Today while he was playing basketball he ran into a fire any pile while getting the ball. Ick!

We've been swamped by wasps lately and he always ask if they are sleeping now or if he should stay inside. The wasps are actually making nests in the slits in our bricks. Our kids have both been stung recently and it's a little terrifying for them.

Not to mention the West Nile Virus. Whew! Not sure what to think about this, except that I don't want to just have to stay inside at the coolest time of the day but man those little boogers are biting like crazy!!!!!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This Summer

With just 5 days left of my summer vacation, I want to reflect on my summer so I never forget.  Every summer just keeps getting better and this summer was absolutely wonderful!  As with every summer, I just hate to see it go.  (However, saying that I really do love my job and do love to teach.)

I am not a morning person!  I love to sleep in and as I get older I really can't sleep in but I can enjoy doing nothing.  Let me preface by saying I have been up at 5:30 many, many, many mornings with my early risers in years past but finally they are seeing the light!  They now know how to put a piece of cinnamon toast in the toaster, turn on the tv and sit quietly for an hour.  Brent will always run in and announce that is "Mommy Snuggle Time" about every 20 or so minutes.  I love that!  He is my snuggly child. Caitlyn has began to sleep in this summer.  By sleep in, I mean between 8 and 9 and that is usually once a week when her brother doesn't wake her up.

My children have become such good helpers.  They let the dogs in and out, help put groceries away, continue to empty the dishwasher, love to vacuum (we are still working on accuracy though!).  But they have also started bickering more this summer and that breaks my heart. 

Brent has continued to be the little sports guy and watch the Rangers and go play golf with Jeff any chance he gets.

Caitlyn and I have gotten to shop and get our nails painted.  She has also gotten an expander on her top teeth and a lip bumper for her bottom teeth.  It has been both a good and hard journey.    She is such a strong, young girl.

I really do wish I could freeze this summer.  It has been an easy one.  Lots of dancing, crafting, swimming, reading, relaxing, playing, snuggling, and cooking.  Perfect example, Brent just came in and said are you waiting for a snuggle, in is cutest high pitched voice. 

I hope each of you had a great summer too!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Diving too

Ms. Heidi worked on diving with Caitlyn and Brent today. They both got a little closer today. It seems to be a difficult skill for all the kids.

Brent was almost there. They are supposed to have straight feet.

Caitlyn did much better today. Last time she only did it a couple of times and was all done. Today she stuck with it the entire time and started getting most of her upper body into the water first. There are a lot of belly flops.

Then they got to race a few times. At first Ms. Heidi had flippers on Brent because he was the youngest. Flippers make one faster which gave him an unfair advantage.

They are both in the 2nd lane. Brent won the first 2 races and Caitlyn got very upset.

I had no idea she was so competitive. So the flippers came off.

Then Caitlyn won the last race, the backstroke. That's the stroke she is the most confident with.

It was fun to see them swim in the big pool. Unfortunately there has been a lot of bickering today and this mommy might need to send them back to the deep end.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

On the boat

We always enjoy going on the boat with our good friends. Anytime we can go, we do.

Brent was extremely brave this time on the tube. He loved it.

Check out this sweet guy! We share a birthday.

Caitlyn loved it too and just wanted to go faster!

Brent kept asking when it would be time to jump in and go swimming.

Finally it was time to jump in and splash around!

Our driver took his little one for a spin around the lake. He lived it too

Then the three little ones got a turn. I heard Jeff say to the kids before they went , I want to see some tricks.


This is what we got right away!!! Apparently my baby is not a baby anymore.

Caitlyn was the stabilizer.

She finally wanted them to stop doing tricks and to start going fast. Speed is her thing.

Then everyone got brave even at higher speeds. This really shows you how big your children are getting. One minute you're strapping them into a high chair and doing everything for them and the next they are flying through the air over the water doing tricks.

It was a great night.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Cleaning, Future, sleepovers, and cement

This post is full of things that have made our week full. The most interesting is sending children to their rooms and telling them to clean. Ugh!! If anyone has a secret weapon please clue me in!!

He might have been more of a distraction.

And girls have so many little things. Caitlyn is constantly rearranging.

While picking up new soccer shoes someone discovered football pads. And someone wishes he could already wear them.

Not until he's in first grade though.

Just 3 more years. I will try not to blink!

Caitlyn had a sweet little friend over and they all 3 played so well together. Luckily they played sweetly with Brent too or else it could have gotten sticky.

Last year in our extreme 70 plus days of over 100 degree heat our sidewalk separated from our driveway. It fell away even worse this summer, like a 6 inch drop total.

Thankfully no one got hurt and today it was fixed. It's kind of sad what you get excited over when you are an adult!! But this was a great day!

We took full advantage and put their handprints in the sidewalk too. Cause our city didn't cough up the expense, ugh, double ugh!

Lastly I was able to get a ton done in my classroom today. It's a great feeling to get so much accomplished.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My parents visited last weekend. We took them to the pool twice because of course it is over the top hot here.

Check out Brent in this picture. He was cracking me up because his legs barely touched the water in this raft thing but he would lean back and kick hard to get to where he wanted to be.

Sunday night we had the opportunity to take my parents to the Rangers game. We had a great time. Luckily it was a night game and the sun was already setting behind us because it could of been even hotter!

They won!! It was a great time.

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