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Thursday, September 20, 2012

No more training wheels

Big night here at our house! Brent learned how to ride his bike bug boy style. He was a bit frantic at first but five minutes later he was cruising down the street!! I'm so proud of him and looking forward to more runs with small bike riders in tow or maybe even family bike rides.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The day he turned 5

It was a day all about golf, football and well guy things.

And of course more presents!

Brent got a new Kinnect game, baseball bases, a new glove, and more.

He requested spaghetti for dinner which we blessed to have excellent weather to get to eat outside.

And we ate the top of his cake.

It was a great day!

The next day he exclaimed, Mommy I really 5 today! Being 5 is pretty awesome!

I pray all his dreams come true!

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy 5th birthday Brent

Yesterday we celebrated Brent's birthday party at Shenigans!  He invited friends from school and they had a blast!

It's so hard to believe that my sweet baby boy has grown up so quickly.  It seems like yesterday that we had him and today he is turning 5.  He insists that we call him a big boy.  I really like to call him "my baby".  But he will not allow it (Boo!)

He loved his cake!  And so did we.  A lady at Jeff's office made it and she just makes cakes for a hobby.  It was terrific!

He had a bowling party and everyone had a great time!
I didn't get a picture of everyone but even the adults got to bowl.  It was also a good dance floor for the kids!
Baby Drew came to our party!  And I had just a few pictures.  Isn't he a cutie!
It isn't a party until you have a cake!
Brent would open his present and then Caitlyn would hold it up and proudly so everyone could see.  I love her enthusiasm.  I'm so glad she never got jealous or upset.  It was a great party!!

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Visit to my Sisters

Labor Day weekend the kids and I made a trip up to see my sister and her family while Jeff went to the lease for opening season.  These cousins had a terrific time!

We had a great time hanging out, ate terrific food and were able to keep it low key for the weekend which was really nice.  Even though it was hot we took the kids to the park and had a picnic.  That was so nice because we hadn't done that in forever.  Down side - the kids want to go to the park and have a picnic everyday!  LOL

Aunt Kari can get the kids to do anything.  I think in this picture she was getting them out the playroom and into the kitchen to eat dinner.  We were so blessed to see my Aunt Sue while we were there. She lives outside the Washington D.C. area so to get to see her was amazing!
We were also 30 minutes from parents house! So we also got to see them.  I know there must have been more pictures of them, but not sure where they are.
They kids had a donut eating contest without their hands one morning.  I missed it because Kari let me sleep in!  Yay! But now I'm noticing just how many donuts were consumed.  Geez!

We always had a kid section and an adult section!
Brent figured out very quickly how to play the new Madden football game and didn't give his Uncle Allen any rest until he would play the game with him again.
It was a great weekend! Great memories were made.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012


We had to get Caitlyn's glasses repaired, which lead to a new pair. Thank goodness for warranties. She has also lost a pair that I can't find anywhere. I have looked everywhere. In every nook and cranny. I have called every place we've been but they are MIA. (insert sad face)

So while we spent an hour or so at the eye glass store the kids entertained themselves by trying on glasses. Brent kept saying he couldn't see out if his right eye (hasn't mentioned anything since) silly boy!

Had to post this because I think he looks adorable in this picture. I pray he never had to wear glasses for real.

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Back to School

We've been back almost 2 weeks and I've been to Oklahoma and back in the meantime. So needless to say I'm beat.

Caitlyn, on the other hand is loving second grade. She loves her teacher, Mrs. Collins. It's so fun to have her on my same grade level!

Before school started we squeezed in a girls shopping trip (or two).

She is becoming quite the sweet companion.

Jeff also surprised us with pedicures the day before school started. Of course, he took Brent to play golf, do maybe this was a decoy so I wouldn't be mad !

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