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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Days in the life of a teacher

September is always an incredibly tough month. After a summer of luxury it is hard to get settled into routines of getting up to an alarm, assessing students, writing names of a bazillion items at school to name a few. I rarely ever get out of school before 5 o'clock.

In fact my desk at school is never this clean. I desperately wish it were but... I guess I'm just not built that way but I'm going to keep trying.

I have made more time for shopping and sweet time with sweetie pie. Can you take a guess where my little guy was?

My kids love to read books on the computer. I had already read to Brent but Caitlyn was reading her book. They were hiding from the camera. Ha!

I will probably get in trouble but this picture was taken one morning over a clothing argument. I love her frown. She reminds me of someone!!!!

My little guy was do upset because be kept coming in last place in the race car game on the iPad. He would tear up and try again. He has persistence for sure!!

Not a lot if pictures lately to blog about but we have slowly gotten into a routine. We are thankful for cooler weather to get out enjoy playing with our neighbors.

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Fall Soccer

We have a great soccer team again this season. Many friends both for the kids and parents!!

Brent has scored many goals and grown as a player.

It is always do fun to bring him to games and practices. His coach is amazing with this age group of kids!

Here are some of his buddies while they are testing up and waiting on their next turn.

Caitlyn doesn't exactly watch the game but she has blast playing with all her friends (siblings). It makes for a good time.

Saturdays game is supposed to be a high of 55. Burr!!!

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