Finally Recess
Time to sit back and have a cup of coffee

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Going back in time

Check out my little ladybug.  She had to be 2 in this video and Jeff still had the white Dodge.  Boy, boy, boy and to be "boing, boing, boing"  Right?  She was so little and now she is so big.  How did it go by so fast?

Friday, August 26, 2011


Another sideways video and you are thinking grrr!  But again it is super short.  This was from April or May when we could hang out outside.  Check out my babies dribbling skills!!!  It is always fun to sit outside and watch the kids play.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Caitlyn Four-wheelin'

Sorry that you might feel a bit off while you watch this but it is very short and so worth it.  Jeff took the kids to the deer lease and Caitlyn finally got the hang of her four-wheeler.  She loved it.  She rode it around camp and followed daddy on his four wheeler to many of the guys deer stands.  Even though Brent is in the video asking to ride it, he didn't care to ride a four-wheeler alone.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


 This week we started soccer practice.
 Brent was so excited to put on his shin guards and cleats.
 Brent actually did a really good job for this being his first time to ever play.
 Their coach was really good and patient and taught them so much. 
The coach even said that Brent had good foot work!  Now if we can just get him to follow and not just say the first rule of the game, "never touch the ball with your hands".  Our little guy kept picking it up and moving it where he needed to.  Luckily at this age, first day it was a-ok!

Monday, August 22, 2011

First Grade

 Caitlyn started her first day of school at her new school today.  Her daddy took her to IHOP and thankfully was able to bring me a coffee because I left mine on the counter at home.  Whew!  He saved me or the kids, could be either ones.  Haha!  Last night she told me she was nervous and scared but today after school she immediately said she loved it.  She already had teacher friends to play with after school.  I sent her in a kindergartner and when she came to my room after school she even looked like a first grader.
Her teachers name is Mrs. Huffines and we are ready for a great year.  I've been nervous about having to change schools and I don't know why, my social butterfly did just fine! 

Me on the other hand - UGH!  Just like normal I have been working like crazy.  Beginning of school is a workout.  My feet are screaming at me,  my brain is on overload but I know it will simmer down very soon.  My class of 20 is so sweet and my room organization has come together real nice. 

Last quick note, Caitlyn cracked me up when she opened up the dishwasher and looked at me and asked, "Are these clean or dirty?"  My baby girl is growing up and I'm enjoying every little bit.  Love her.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Florida Last Day

This picture was really taken the day before at Craker Barrell.  But I overlooked putting it into the post.  I loved how close we were to the game of checkers.  The kids waited so patiently for their turn to play.  They don't know the rules of the game but there sure did have fun and it made the time go much faster!
 Today we couldn't spend any time at the pool or on the beach because everyone was fried. 
 I had brought clothes to take family pictures at the beach and knew today would be the best day for it.  It was still early in the day but it was overcast luckily.
 We had to be out of our condos by 10 am and had the rest of the day to figure out what to do.
 After taking pictures we went to the movies.  The kids saw the Smurfs with their daddy.
 I love, love, love this picture!!
 Zita and I saw The Help.  I had read this book and couldn't wait to see it.  Whether you read it or not it is a must see.  It is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time and I will have to own it. 
 Jeff was a little disappointed that not everyone was looking at the camera in every shot. 
 These our perfect memories to me. 
 Perfect still shots of the day.
 I can still remember the sounds of the oceans.  Holding my little man and seeing his mouth wide open in the picture is just a bonus!
 Jeff took about 20 pictures of Caitlyn and I and this was the best.  It was so windy and she was all done.
 It was a very memorable trip.
 Everything worked out just like we planned or better!

Our plane left at 8:00 and we arrived to our home at midnight.  Home is always a great place to be!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Florida Beach Day 3

 This was our longest day at the beach.  It did rain pour while we were there but we were eating during that time and we were able to make a go of it for the rest of the day.  Check out the sand castle here and Caitlyn's "pose".
 Jeff really got into hunting for shells too.  We brought them all home and Jeff made holes in the good shells.  We are making a shell necklace for Caitlyn and that was Jeff's idea.  So sweet!
 These guys had so much fun and it was so beautiful.  Although we reapplied twice everyone got burned really bad on their backs.  I felt so awful for not being a better mom (sad face).
 Caitlyn is decorating the tops of the castle with shells.  Unfortunately their moat never held water.

This is the view from our tent/chairs.  Very nice day!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Beach Day 2

 Wednesday morning we slept in, got around slowly,and went to breakfast at a leisurely pace.  We got to the beach around 11:30 or 12:00 and it was perfect considering how fast paced we had been going the previous days.
 We had the best time playing in the water,
 hunting for shells,
 and building sand castles.

 I love the feel of the ripples in the sand in the shallow part of the water.  You can see it in the water here.
 I love the different colors and textures of the beach.
 I love these two beautiful children.
 We had so much fun at the beach but it only lasted 30 minutes.  The storm came in fast and furious.
Jeff told me to snap this picture as we were on the way to the car.  We made it in perfect timing and didn't get soaked which would have been gross to be sandy and soaked.

We were going to try to go to our pool at our condo that evening but I think it rained most of the day.  It was so nice to go back and take a nap.  We ended up ordering pizza I think, doing laundry and doing a lot of nothing.  We were definitely on the R&R portion of our vacation.

Disney World Day 4 (Last Day)

 Our last day we went back to the Magic Kingdom.  There is so much to do there and it is so much fun, magical!!!
 Many pictures were taken with this haze on it because of the humidity, I guess, especially in the morning. 
 We spotted Pluto right away and it was a short line too!

 I love how the workers greet you when the park first opens with Mickey gloves on.
 I love this picture especially because my kids rarely pose.  Priceless.
 We were in a rush to get to breakfast with Pooh and Friends.  It was delicious and we were starving.  Piglet was the first to come by.

 Brent couldn't get to Tigger quick enough.
 We waited a long time for Pooh and I wish the picture had turned out better.
 Eeyore came by twice and had a fun autograph.
 We flew on the Magic Carpets
 Went in Tom Sawyers Tree House (I think that's right?)  And then it started to rain again and kept raining hard.  In fact, it rained so much that my shoes were getting slippery and I was beginning to think I might fall.  Sure enough I did, holding Brent.  That makes 4 falls total this year.  I think I might have a problem, yikes!
 We still had lots of fun and rode as many rides as we could that were out of the rain.

 It would clear up for a while and it did make it much more pleasant outside.  The tree sculptures around the parks are amazing too!
 Here is the incredible guy who made this happen and who was the best sport taking pictures, going ahead and getting fast passes for us and pushing the stroller.  I love him so much!  Here we are leaving the park but we will be back.
 Here is our drive back to Ft. Lauderdale.  It was long and Jeff and I wish we could have slept as peacefully as these three.
 Caitlyn is holding the toy that her brother and she bought at WDW.  She got the Aristocat and I'm not sure but I think she talked him into the Lion King, but he loves it.
 She was the last of the 3 to give it up.
 Grandma bought  fun coloring surprises for the kids.  Brent impressed us all with coloring abilities.  He has grown so much.  It was a long 4 days but so very worth it.  We packed in a lot and enjoyed every last bit of it.