Finally Recess
Time to sit back and have a cup of coffee

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Time with Cousins

Aunt Kari came to visit this summer!
One of the many things we did while she and the girls were here was visit Ikea!  Brent is modeling this great lounge chair you can buy their for I'm sure a low price!
We had lunch!

Then we threw caution to the wind (or Happy Meals over our heads)and after several days we changed plans and decided to go back with them to Mimi and Papa's house!

We played dress up, swam in the hot tub and just had a bunch of fun!

This was my sister's prom dress, which came up to her knees.  Kinda crazy!!!

Breakfast outside!

Brent talked Papa into taking him for a ride, a very hot ride in the backyard.

The best fun was always in the water.  Sprinklers have been a lot of fun this summer!

When there is nothing else to do why not sit and play Angry Birds!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our Staycation

We recently had the privilege of being guests at the Hilton Harbor.  We got to stay in a beautiful suite. 

Everyone got such a kick of how well Brent could swim. 
We swam, swam and swam.  The kids love their goggles so much and now daddy has a pair so he can go under water for longer too!  In between swimming we ate and went to the movies and saw Winnie the Pooh.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Vacation and Best buds

We are going to the beach in one week!  Grandma is meeting us there.  We can't wait.  What these sweeties don't know is that we have a surprise for them and we can't wait to tell them!!!!           
And check out these cuties!  Dixee (8) is on the left, Sadie (1) is on the right.  They now play together and thankfully even rest together!  It is a full house but I am thankful for 2 sweet helpers.

Tubing on the lake

Caitlyn, Kenley, Brent, Jacob
 We were able to get out on the boat this summer with our good friends the Koetters.  The kids had a blast even though this picture might not show it!!!
Jeff and Brent

We really enjoyed swimming in the lake.  The kids loved jumping off the boat into the water!
Kenly and Caitlyn tubing