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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Broken Batteries

Caitlyn had her first surgery last week and hopefully her last. She came through with flying colors and recovered in just hours. She cried for about 30 minutes after the anesthesia and  Jeff found it quite comical watching her eat her popsicle but he did remember to take a photograph.

We had noticed that she wasn't hearing us well at all and was asking us to repeat ourselves when we were just inches away from her face. The ENT doctor confirmed our suspicions that she honestly could not hear us and it was not just selective hearing that many children have.  

Luckily, it was an easy fix.  She had a lot of fluid behind the ears.  We tried a decongestant for a month and that did not work.  In fact, it got worse and she had multiple ear infections within that time period and was in constant pain towards the end.  It became so sad.  She couldn't hear and always said it hurt.

She commented one day that the batteries in her ears didn't work.  I asked her how she knew that some people how batteries in their ears.  She said that her teacher told her class to put on their listening ears and her ears didn't work.  She said her batteries were broken.  Poor thing. 

Well, luckily her batteries are now fixed.  With tubes put in and adenoids taken out she is all put back together.  The ENT found a lot of mucus behind her ears so no wonder she was in so much pain (not his words, mine - so completely a mother's guess!).

Only bad news,  she is back to being so loud.  But I'm glad she is better!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Big Five

As my sister has pointed out twice, I have not blogged about my daughters birthday.  Ugh!  I'm horrible. 

We had a fantastic birthday.  She had two friends over to the theme of a "Dress Up Party".  I painted their nails, put on a little bit of make up and we played a fun game up Pass the Purse.  It is a twist on Musical Chairs and when the music stops you get to take jewelry out of the purse and put it on.  By the end of the game the kids were silly looking with jewelry as you could see in the picture above. 

I quickly printed out that picture and used it for the frame they made so they could it home for a party favor with all of that jewelry.  It seemed to be a real hit!  I like have parties at the house!!

We also had another birthday get together with Kenley and Jacob who couldn't be with us at the party.  It is always fun to have multiple birthday parties and stretch it out!

Thank you Chelsea for the tip to update my Blogger.  I appreciate it.  I sure do wish you lived closer.  If you want to know her tip you should check out my comments from yesterday!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Is there anybody out there?????

So one of my friends asked me today if I was ever going to blog again. So I truthfully answered, "No."

There is so much to do.

I feel like every post needs a picture and have you ever uploaded on blogger - that takes forever!!!

I feel like I wear so many hats and I can only juggle so many at one time. I mean my laundry is all done and put away, my meals are planned and groceries are bought and I'm up to date on Facebook and General Hospital.

But really, I do like keeping up with my blog (in theory). So I have a question for the two of you. Do you know of an easier way to upload pictures? How do you keep up with the pictures you take and storing them on the computer and then blogging? Any genius ideas?

I'll trade you! A neat hint for some advice. This is cool and time saving. You can use the space bar to scroll down an entire page. Try it the next time you are reading a blog or book on the internet!