Finally Recess
Time to sit back and have a cup of coffee

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friends, Bikes, and Boots

We found Brents jersey, socks and shin guards.  It was in his Thomas the Train box.  Now, why didn't I think to look there?

 I love capturing moments like this one.  Brent and Caitlyn eating a snack in between a bike ride with their buddy Mason.
 I love to take the kids on a bike ride while walking Sadie and Dixee.  We normally just go around the block and I'm so glad that the kids have gotten so good on their bikes.  This time Jenn and I took all our little ones minus the dogs to the park.  It was a long jaunt, but overall the kids did really well!
 Brent is all the way in the front.  He is becoming pretty fearless on the bike and relies on his brakes a little too much for this momma.  I would really like for him to take it much slower.  He is my baby after all.
I captured this shot of my little hunters in training as they were helping daddy unload the trailer after a day at the ranch.  They had a fun day hunting dove, fishing and playing around.  Aren't they the cutest?  I know, I'm just a bit prejudice.  But seriously, check out those boots. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

All I want for Christmas

 Caitlyn sported this cool looking smile for weeks.  She even got her first grade pictures taken with a sweet, snaggle tooth smile.  Daddy commented that she would look "silly".  She was so concerned.  When she got her pictures back you couldn't even tell and she look adorable.  She said, "See mom, my teeth look normal!"  

Another side note about picture day.  We were getting out of the car, walking into the school building and I hear my 6 year old say to herself, "Next year I'll be in 2nd grade so I'll be able to wear make-up on picture day."  Woah!  Slow down there child!
 We finally convinced her to let daddy pull the snaggle tooth.  He took one piece of floss and barely touched it.  That tooth fell straight out!  Tooth number 4!
About 3-4 days later Caitlyn loses the other top tooth!  Tooth number 5.  She lost in school and didn't even come by my room to show me.  Little stinker!  She looks so adorable and she catches me off guard every time she smiles because she looks so different.

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth!!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Brent's Open House

 This week Brent has been sick since Sunday.  Jeff was out of town at the deer lease and it seems to always happen that my kid(s) will get sick when he is away.  Brent has had a sore throat, scratchy voice and fever, all viral.  He seems to be on the mend!  But he sure has been fun to snuggle with - the only perk of a sick child.

Above is a picture of Brent standing in his classroom where all of his classmates have been measured.
 Check out my little man's art work!  I love all the hand prints.  The green and orange hand prints were used in a lesson of big and small.  His teacher's hand was the big and his was the small.
 This is where he sits at the table to eat and do crafts.
 Story time and music time spot!  I love that he already sits "criss cross apple sauce"
 They were growing plants so of course he wanted to pose with it and his "goofy smile."
 Miss Lauren is an incredible and sweet teacher.
 And we love Ms. Rosie.  Caitlyn had Ms. Rosie when she started at GL so long ago when Brent was 18 months and she was 3.
And this is how Brent shows Ms. Rosie and Ms. Lauren that he is present in the morning. 

This was the first Open House that Brent was really able to show me things without me having to prompt him on everything.  It was really fun!