Finally Recess
Time to sit back and have a cup of coffee

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One of those days

I can't wait to go to bed tonight.

I spent 2 hours and 40 minutes on the phone with the computer people. They are finally coming to the house to fix our computer. We purchased a service when we bought a computer so that if we had trouble with our computer they would come to our house. Little did we know you had to go through torture first.

After that I was already frazzled.

I took Caitlyn to Little Gym. That wasn't pretty.

Back home for a quick lunch and right to bed.

As soon as the kids were in bed I had to call the cable company because our Internet was out. Luckily that call was much closer to 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

The afternoon has been better than this morning but not great. I could only muster up a bowl of cereal and a nectarine for my dear children. I am so thankful God designed the world so that we could start over each day!

The awesome news is that Brent is standing up by himself for about 10-20 seconds at a time. He thinks he is pretty cool. I do to.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Full Saturday of Stories

First off we went to the store where we bought toys for daddy's treasure box at the office. Caitlyn was very good about helping pick out toys that would go in the treasure box and that would not be for her. She knew she could have one toy. She chose jacks. Anyway we chose play dough, silly putty, pencils, girly things, and then I said we need to buy these cars and dinosaurs because boys will like these. Well later that night on the phone she told my mom all about how boys will go to the treasure box and have something to choose from too. It was so cute.

The children and I had the pleasure of eating lunch with Aunt Claudia today. Here are some pictures of our fun time after lunch. Even though it is over 100 degrees we are still troopers and we walked down by the lake to see the boats, and we let the kids play at the park because it was very well shaded.
Caitlyn only swung in the baby swing for a few minutes and then realized she was too big for it. For some reason she just loves it so.

Brent really loves to swing and is very content to hang out there as long as he can!

We left lunch rather late, it was the kids nap time, but that is okay because well that is just life and I'd rather have fun than always stick to a schedule! So on our way home we got stuck in traffic for over 30 minutes. So I'm thinking goodbye nap time.
Then we get home and the a/c upstairs is not working. It was supposed to be 75 degrees and it was 89 degrees. Remember that earlier I mentioned that outside it is well over 100 degrees where I live. So now I'm thinking so long nap time for sure. But I'm a trooper! And even though this is about when they wake up, I decide that I will go ahead and set up Brent's playpen in my room. Well that would have worked except that Caitlyn assured me she was tired and wanted to sleep in my room with Brent, which had indeed worked on vacations, but not today.
Somehow they were both quiet for a while because I did get some work done in the toy room. I got alot of Brent's toys containerized and moved some of Caitlyn's toys to a new container with lids. Well she didn't like that. She was very upset and wanted them back in the old baskets, which really surprised me that she even remembered which baskets, I mean they are old baskets from my classroom and all. Interesting - she can remember so much.
So when I finally kicked her out of my room and onto the couch, she quickly fell asleep, Brent was up (because he never slept) and she slept for 2 hours. It didn't matter how much noise we made, she slept and slept. I even tried to wake her up and she didn't budge.
It is fun, this parenting gig!
Brent and I had some uninterrupted playtime this evening though. He loves to roll the ball back and forth and he did so for at least 5 minutes straight. I am amazed at how much he loves balls. He chases balls around all the time. It is so cute!
Caitlyn and I played Jacks this evening. I really don't have any clue how to play this game but that is the great thing about playing with a three year old. She has a really great version. You each throw the "bouncy ball" and then she gives you a bunch of jacks and cheers for you. You feel like a winner! Then you play again. It is really loads of fun and doesn't take forever like Candy Land. Speaking of which, I must have hid that game.
Caitlyn and I made yummy Brownies this evening. I had her help me turn on the oven and she was so frightened to do so. She was afraid it would be hot. I guess I have taught her well. She desperately wanted to lick the bowl but I wouldn't let her because it had raw egg in it. She also told my mom that she couldn't have any brownies until they got hot because of the eggs. I was impressed how much she seemed to comprehend.
While we were waiting for the brownies I was going to let her play with some play dough that I had picked up at the store. I had gotten some extra for her. I told her to pick out a couple of colors and then we'd put the rest in the treasure box. Unfortunately for her, she just didn't quite understand and she insisted that we put it all in the treasure box. She only kept one for herself. She kept telling me no mom, we bought it all for the treasure box. Oh, all right!
Well this is getting lengthy, so one last thing, at the late hour of 11:00 pm I started to get off the computer (I'm now back on, but that is beside the point) and I turn around. I jump. Who is sitting on the stairs, sitting ever so sweetly, just watching me? Caitlyn. She had a boo-boo on her knee. Well at least it was a good reason to come downstairs. She almost got me to take her to my bed, she is so cute! And growing up so fast!
Oh, by the way, I stupidly only had the fan on and not the a/c. So we now have the a/c in full operating mode. What a wonderful job it will do when the operator operates it correctly.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mommy & Me Time

When Brent takes his morning nap it gives Caitlyn and I a special time to play. I am in awe of how big he is getting in his crib.
This picture looks much better. He looks much smaller! Isn't he just precious. He always sleeps under is blanket just like that!

Here is my princess all ready to play!

We have been reading this great book at night. Please notice that Diego is posing with the book, made possible by Caitlyn Corporation. My 4th graders helped me pick out this book and many others for Caitlyn in the Summer Scholastic magazine.
I told Caitlyn the night before we did this activity (days are all running together) that I had a puzzle somewhere that went with the book. She asked me where. I told I wasn't quite sure but we'd find it tomorrow. Well the cutie pie found it in her "Puzzle In A Bag" box, right where it should be.

So here she is working her puzzle and saying each piece as we go, each time. It took a looonnnggg time! But we had fun.

She is very good at puzzles, so I am holding my breath that she will be a good critical thinker and good at math story problems.

And I threw in this picture just because she gave me the best smile and insisted that she pose with Cali!
What kinds of things do you with your three year old when you can still away a few minutes alone with them?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

15 Year Class Reunion

This weekend I was able to go to my reunion. We had a great turnout from the class of 1993, especially since it was an informal reunion. We had a picnic on Saturday morning with a face painter and Pepsi products! Then a mixer at an Irish pub that evening. It was a fantastic time and I really enjoyed catching up with old friends. I got to see a friend I hadn't seen since high school and we were so close back then, so that was fun. I also got to talk to a friend that I used to be close with in grade school that has recently survived breast cancer. PTL! There will not be a lot of words in this post because there are a record number of pictures. But the first three pictures are a testimony in themselves that Caitlyn can sit still. You just have to hire a face painter!

It was truly amazing how many little classmates we had walking around. The little ones look so much like their parents. It was easy to put parents and children together!

Here is our coordinator. She did a terrific job, not only planning everything but she remembers everyone, their first and last names!

Here is the dad of the year! He entertained both children when needed so I could talk and catch up with my old friends.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good Manners

Last week, I think it was, we went to Chuck-E-Cheese with Shelley and her son, Holden. Isn't he a cutie? He's got great blond hair. Anyway, when we pulled up we were unfortunate to be there on the day that 2 large daycare buses were there. Fortunately they were behaved pretty well.

Holden told us that the kids were coming up and asking him for tokens. So as Caitlyn would come back for tokens, I wanted to make sure she wasn't being bullied out of her tokens. I want to assure you we were sitting in the middle of the madness and she was with Holden, so no I did not let her run off all alone.

Back to the story, I began prompting her when someone asks you for money (what she calls it) tell them no.

So then I ask her, "What do you say when someone asks you for money?"

She says with the cutest smile, "Say please!"

I taught her well. So I gave her 2 monies and sent her on! She had a blast.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

10 months old

Ah, man! What's this? A baby gate. They went and put up a baby gate! I thought they weren't going to do this to me? And I was getting so good and fast at climbing the stairs. When they do let me climb the stairs I love to race into the bathroom and look into the bathtub. I wish I could splash in the tub 24/7! Oh well, look over here on this wall. There is an air freshener in the electrical outlet.
Oh man! They took that away from me too. And the night lights. There is nothing to play with.

Well this toy is cool! Thanks mom and dad!

Well it was cool for about 5 minutes. I was spending so much time trying to get to those stairs I had no idea they had this cool thing with these knobs. I bet they taste good too!

While Little Man slept, his big sister and I washed more toys that we got out of the attic last night (see them all on the counter). She loved helping in the bubbles!

I'm learning to drink from a sippy cup.

I love to eat everything my family is eating and will grunt, scream, and holler until I get it into my reach.

I am very independent and prefer to hold my own spoon and feed my self. I really give my parents a run for their money when they try to change my clothing because I wiggle like nobodies business. Unfortunately they have started strapping me down on the changing table, but don't worry I can still turn all the way around there too if I work really hard at it to!

When I get a chance to relax and put my feet up I love to take a minute and swing. All this growing up is hard work!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

4th of July Videos

I am attempting to upload videos of the kids again. I hope it works. We had a great time playing with sparklers in Missouri. Sorry about the picture quality, it doesn't seem to be too good but I think you will get the point.

Check out Brent's video here and Caitlyn's video here. They are very short, so enjoy.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Brent has a lot of it. He is determined to go up the stairs. He loves to crawl up the stairs no matter how he has to maneuver to get there. He used to have to just get out of the toy room/office. Then I had to close the French doors. Our toy room has another set of doors that open up into the kitchen. So he slowly figured out that he could go out these doors and go around and up the stairs. Now there is no stopping him. It takes him about 30 seconds to get out and to the stairs. Now I have brilliantly figured out that I can open the pantry door and move over the trashcan for a makeshift gate to block his path to the stairs.

Well, unfortunately for me, I'm afraid he is slowly but surely figuring out he can go all the way around the kitchen, into the dining room, into the living room and back around to the stairs. He has only done it twice but yes - he is determined folks!

We do not want to put up a gate at the steps. We would rather watch him because a gate is such a pain to manipulate going over time and time again. So we will see what our future holds.

Well as I write he has successfully gotten to the stairs a 3rd time!

Caitlyn and Pens

Well here is another piece of artwork by Caitlyn. It was all over his face and on the back of his head. By the time I took his picture he was smiling though! We just keep saying, "Wait until her time comes!"

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


You might need to double click on the picture but Brent has a bruise underneath his right eye. I didn't see it happen but I was right there and he was crying furiously.
Apparently this sweet, little innocent face here was scratched in the eye by him so she threw a board book in his face. Grrrr! Here we go........

Monday, July 7, 2008

Missouri Vacation - Fourth of July

This is our 2nd trip on the Fourth of July to Missouri to visit Aunt Betty and Uncle Sonny on their farm. Family from all over join their, I guess like a reunion. It is lots of fun and each year we meet more of Jeff's family that we have not yet met. Here is Brent with his cousin Samuel. They are about 6 weeks apart. Aren't they precious? Samuel had just gotten his curls cut off the night before by Aunt Franny. Oh yeah, I uploaded my pictures backwards again! Oops!
Here is Grandma Zita with her two youngest grand babies, Samuel and Brent. Here he looks blond!

We celebrate DeeDee's 12th birthday (Jeff's youngest sister) on the 5th and Uncle's Sonny's birthday on the 4th. People started getting together for U. Sonny's birthday and the 4th and now it's become a nice tradition/reunion! You can see Aunt Betty and Uncle Sonny on the right side of the picture. Betty is in the red shirt. To her left is her daughter Mary and to her left is Aunt Paula Aunt Betty's youngest sister. This year all of Aunt Betty's sisters were there. Aunt Betty is really Jeff's great aunt.

Caitlyn (& Brent) played hard and slept hard. There were tons of kids, even though you can't see them all in this picture and tons of beds and campers. People were sleeping everywhere. We had a nice camper to sleep in with a/c, in fact I had to get an extra blanket b/c Jeff froze me out.

Each year we are there new calves are born and this year was not exception. This was the newest one. Isn't she a cutie. She was so wobbly on her feet. It is very neat because the whole herd protects her not just her momma, in fact this isn't even her momma in the picture!

Here's some excitement - a black snake. But not to worry Uncle Sonny and Uncle Chuck wrestled it into a bucket and took it up the road and released it. He said it was not poisonous and I suppose it is good to keep the mice eater around. On the way back he met up with a group coming back from the store so he got Aunt Franny out of the van and made sure to get her soaking wet going through the creek on the 4-wheeler, even if it did take 2 times.
Jeff and I went back to that same creek later and he taught me how to skip rocks and I was actually able to. We had a blast riding the 4-wheelers. Caitlyn loves to ride them to. We only saw 2 deer but it was so much fun to be out in nature.

See the small, tiny dogs and the big 'ol cows. Well the tiny little dogs will go down there and start barking at the cows and then the cows come over and start playing with the dogs. They go back and forth, it is the funniest thing ever!

Here's Aunt Betty siting down. She only set down for 5 minutes - put it in the history books! She cooked gourmet meals for us and treated us all like prince and princesses and took care of our babies and insisted that we just sit and enjoy ourselves. But we still helped of course! She is great! She is a fabulous hostess!

Here is Uncle Sonny and his grandson Michael. There are 3 dogs in his lap! He sat down for about 15 minutes and I think that was his limit! He was also a fabulous host and we love coming to the farm! If you sit close to the grill you can early portions of the briscit as he is slicing it!!!

Brent had a ball! He stayed behind with his aunts while Jeff, Caitlyn and I went to the lake on Saturday. We went out on the boat and went tubing. Caitlyn loved being on the boat and told Uncle Sonny to go faster! When we got back Brent was sitting up playing on the blanket and slowly sunk over crashed for a very long time! Isn't he precious! Apparently he was showing off for everyone by standing on his head and when everyone would laugh, he would laugh harder!

Here we are watching the fireworks from the back porch. Caitlyn loved it and was not a bit scared. They put on a big 'ol fireworks show right there in their backyard. I'm talking huge, better than any city show, in my opinion!

This is DeeDee. She is doing very well for just falling out of a tree last week. She is walking with a slight limp but overall she is doing great. She fell about 20 feet down and landed on very hard dirt and was blue and unconscious when her mom found her. She had to be flown to Denver Children's Hospital because of a brain bleed but now she is doing excellent. PTL!

Here is Caitlyn with her first sparklers. She loved it, although we had to jump out of the way when she would direct them in our direction - ouch! She keeps us on our toes!

This is Keith, Zita's oldest grandson at 17. He is such a nice young man and he drove is grandma all the way home.

Here we are preparing for the fireworks show on the back porch. Samuel loved the show in his grandma's lap!

Aunt Franny, Uncle Chuck, and the fan belongs to Aunt Debbie.

The weather was awesome. We were able to serve food, eat, and congregate outside.

So I have no idea why Caitlyn had on her jacket or how in the world she snuck the jacket in the vehicle for that matter!
Samuel with all his curls before his 1 year old haircut. Isn't he a cutie, especially when he smiles, you'll have to imagine that part!