Finally Recess
Time to sit back and have a cup of coffee

Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Bed

My sweet girl asked me this morning with the most excited voice, "Mommy can I please make your bed?" Of course I agreed. She ran and threw her arms around me and told me thank you for letting me make your bed. Now I will admit that I make my bed um, once in a blue moon. I know shocking! She worked very hard and when she was finished with decorative pillows in all. She stepped back and we looked together with such pride. She asked, "What do you think?"

It looks beautiful.

I just want to savor this moment.

Brent has been sick this week. Cold, cough, laryngitis, and fever. Many times Caitlyn would tell me that Brent was sick. She was very concerned. They would lay together on the couch. One time I found her holding him on the couch. The love between my two children is so precious. I am so blessed!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas!

This weekend was busy! I managed to get the Christmas tree decorated and the Christmas cards in the mail.

It was a pleasure to have my darling Caitlyn help me! She is becoming quite the organizer. I showed her how to lay out the ornaments first so we would know what we had to work with and how to start with the red and white ones first. She did very well actually. There are many clumps of ornaments and my tree has been redecorated multiple times already but it is being well loved!

Brent is doing well with the Christmas tree and he even hung a few ornaments. His sister gave him directions and he was sure to follow! It's amazing how he listens to her better than he listens to me.

Caitlyn and Brent figured out how beautiful it looked with the lights out and Brent quickly become in charge of the lights. It has also been really nice to have Caitlyn turn on and off all the Christmas lights in the house.

Today we enjoyed hot chocolate in front of the Christmas tree while we stuffed Christmas cards. Caitlyn really enjoyed putting labels and stamps on the envelopes. She did an excellent job too. She is such an excellent helper! Can you tell I'm so proud?

There is much more to do but I'm taking it one moment at a time and enjoying it all! I hope your Christmas preparations are going well too. Merry Christmas!!