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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let your Imagination go & a kiss!!

Today was Dr. Seuss's birthday.  In his honor, Caitlyn and Brent's school had a parade and they were to come dressed up as one of Dr. Seuss's characters.  I have known about this for a month but in true Stephanie style I procrastinated until the last minute.  I really wanted to just keep the kids out of school today but....  I kept on going and those creative juices finally came out.  

You might not agree.  But this is not the time to say!!

Caitlyn decided she wanted to be the puppy.  You know from the book Hop on Pop.  This book is made up of rhyming words and then a sentence about it.  

You can see the words on her tea cup.  

Pup in Cup.
Then I made sure to put from Hop on Pop from Dr. Seuss so everyone was sure to know we were on track.

We took a brown t-shirt, head band for the dog collar, another headband and attached dog ears and then made the tea cup.  Oh yea, and eye liner for the nose and whiskers.  FREE!  She was so excited and in to it!

Brent was supposed to be green eggs and ham.  But of course he wouldn't even put it on for a picture much less a parade.  It was a green pillow case with an egg yolk and a pig!  Super imaginative.  But isn't that what Dr. Seuss is all about.

Bedtime is all telling around here.  I love reading with my kids.  Right now Brent loves having songs read to him.  He loves Twinkle Twinkle, Jesus Loves Me and the ABC Song. 

Caitlyn and I talk about her day.  Yesterday I found out she had a bad day at school and she had to write a note of apology to her teacher.  She copied my handwriting and did surprisingly well.  Tonight she informed me that she and Luke (a boy in her class) have been kissing.  Really?  Even on the lips.  I'm not sure to believe her but I checked with everything she told me about her behavior yesterday and everything was true to a tee.  

My little girl.  Ugh!