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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Caitlyn's New Do

(multiple posts today, scroll down to see them all)
Caitlyn has been begging to get her hair cut like her friend. I let her and it is the best move I ever made. Tangles be gone!
Besides the open mouth, she looks so cute!

Happy 1st Baby Brent

My baby boy is one! Caitlyn, dad, and I threw him a fun party!
He loved it!
The cake was his favorite part!
Although he really loved the Tonka truck that his dad picked out!
Fun things I want to remember about my precious little one (who is really 13 months now): he giggles every time I put his shoes and take them off.
He loves to play peek-a-boo after bath time and instigates it himself.
He smiles and laugh while he interacts with one of his night time books "Hugs and Kisses"
He is walking everywhere now.
He loves to stand up on his four-wheeler. He's a wild man.
He still loves to hang upside down.

I love you Brent Tyler!

Brent's Haircut

These are pictures of Brent's 2nd haircut. Jeff was in charge and I have to say that Brent loved it. He giggled the whole time. The bad news is this was a month ago and we have to do it again. Which really isn't bad except for the cleanup.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wedding ring

Caitlyn: What's that mommy? (pointing to my wedding ring)
Me: It's my wedding ring.
Caitlyn: Who gave it to you?
Me: Your daddy.
Caitlyn: Why?
Me: Because he loves me so much and one day a long time ago he decided he wanted me to live with him forever and ever. So he asked me to marry him and gave me this ring as a promise.
Caitlyn: It's so pretty.
Me: One day you will meet a man that will love you so much that he will give you a ring and ask you to live with him forever.
Caitlyn: No, Mommy. I am going to live with you forever. (She leans in and gives me a big hug and kiss)

She was really looking at my engagement ring. I can't find my wedding band. I had to take it off during my pregnancy and I have put it somewhere so safe that I can't find it. Can't say I have looked high and low as of yet, but I hope when I do that it fits me now.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Who let the dogs out?

Tonight was Jeff's first night back to normal hours. We are talking 9-6 instead of 9-9. He has been working extended hours to cover a co-worker for over 2 months now. We are over joyed to have him back for dinner.

I made dinner for the 2nd time this week and the 2nd time in 2 months tonight. Sad, I know. But the first of the school year is always interesting.

I made a great foil dinner with summer sausage, potatoes, onion and green peppers. Unfortunately I ran out of foil. But my good friend around the corner came to the rescue. So I threw the kids in the car and ran to borrow the foil.

Back in a jiffy to finish up the meal, I come back to the discover the dogs had eaten my supper. I felt like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Of course, I tell them (holler) at them to get outside, which in turn makes Caitlyn cry. Then Brent starts crying because Caitlyn is crying. Geez.

So we met dad out at a great restaurant! What I won't do for a meal without dish duty!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Little Gym Success

We took a week off and I'm proud to report that my sweetheart did much better. Tonight I told her that if she didn't listen to directions and stay inside the gym area that we would go home. She did a great job!

I figure there is no reason to sit and allow my BP to rise and allow her to act crazy. I'm so proud of her good behavior so of course I rewarded her with ice cream when we got home.

On a side note, I have obviously been taking some time off from blogging. I've been trying to keep my head above water with school and family. I'm hoping to get back to it because there is so much I want to record before I forget, like Brent's first birthday pictures, what he is doing now, a cute story about my wedding ring and so much more. We have been so busy around here and unfortunately I haven't been photographing it either. I hope when I start writing there is still someone out there to read it!