Finally Recess
Time to sit back and have a cup of coffee

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lazy Saturdays

I love lazy days when you can lounge around in your pj's, drink coffee and watch the kids play. Today has been one of those days.

I have been letting the kids go outside and play early in the morning, usually anywhere between 7 and 9 before it gets scorching hot. Yesterday and today we have had a break in our 17 day stretch of over 100 degree temperatures so the kids got to enjoy playing longer. Which was really good since we slept in 'til 9:15!!! Lucky break for me!

Caitlyn went out in her nightgown, bracelet and princess shoes. Don't think she forgot her purse! It was so cute to watch her go up the ladder and down the slide all decked out. She and Brent were playing restaurant. I wish I would have gotten pictures, but then it wouldn't have been a lazy day!

Brent can now go up the ladder all on his own and is so proud of himself when he gets to the top. I know I say it every time but he is getting so big, so fast.

When the kids were ready to come inside we went upstairs to play dollhouse, kitchen, dancing, and of course doctor.

I got to be the patient. My ailment was an upset tummy. Caitlyn looked around for the doctor toys. Her dad lets her play with some of his doctor kit when he is home and playing her (nothing like starting her off early, huh?).

I explained that is off limits so she begins to look around for other options and to watch her brain begin to work. So she uses a ketchup bottle to take my temperature. She gives me a shot with a dollhouse lamp. Then she runs to Brent's room and grabs 4 blocks and runs back in.

Now while she was gone, she has instructed Brent to rub my feet. He does. Nice! I'm liking this! Then she puts 2 blocks underneath each heel. "Hey, is this some kind of acupuncture medicine?"

She begins to move to the stomach area. "So mommy. You have a baby in your tummy, right."
Back and forth we go.
I was cracking up. This little one of mine. Hand-full!!! Love her so much.