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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Caitlyn knows best?

Caitlyn has been giving me a couple of suggestions lately.

She got a lot of neat toys for Christmas. Usually we purge and give away toys in November and I haven't gotten around to it yet. So her room is a mess. She looked around her room the other day and said, "Mom, we really need to clean up my room this weekend and give some of my toys away."

I was cooking some bacon for a great dish, Bacon and Tomato Pasta. It turned out so well by the way. She came over and helped me cook for a little bit. She assessed the situation of the bacon cooking and even though it was her first time ever seeing bacon cooking she said, "Mom, I think the bacon needs to be flipped over." Can't wait until she is the cook!

She is cracking me up lately.

She has been asking about Heaven a lot lately. She wanted to know where it was. She thinks Heaven is in Missouri!! We have lots of family that live in this great state: Aunt Kari, Aunt Betty, Grandpa and Grandma and so many more.

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  1. You need to let her know that she IS in heaven. Like is there something better than Texas? Like the song says, "When I die, if I can't get to heaven, bury me in Texas."

    Just teasing of course.