Finally Recess
Time to sit back and have a cup of coffee

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bedtime Funnies

Bedtime can be cuddly, full of giggles or just flat out miserable and with tons of protesting.  Tonight was a night full of giggling.

We started the evening brushing teeth and jumping all over the bathroom.  Then Brent and I hid from Caitlyn in bed.  It was so cute because he would say, "Shhh!"  and then start giggling like crazy.

Caitlyn finally picked out a book to read and then we got busy reading.  It was a dictionary book I'd had since my childhood.  Brent would listen, think about it, then stop me by putting his hand on my cheek and say, "Mom, let me tell you something." He would be back a couple of words wanting to add his thoughts.  I would say yes or the correct response and get back to where we were in the book. 

This kept going on to the point that I was tickled and Caitlyn was ticked.  I had to add in "Brent be quiet, just listen."  To which he would reply in a whisper voice, "Okay, I'll listen."  Then the cycle would start again. 

Caitlyn's response in all this, "Mom, put him to bed.  Put him up!" 

How could I get mad when he was patting my face so sweetly?