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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sadie's Charming Fate

We brought our new puppy home yesterday at 7 weeks.  We are so excited because she is the cutest, spunkiest little thing.  She was born on June 27th and is chocolate.

Sadie was the first pick of the litter
Her name is special.  On AKC papers a dog must has 3 names (Sadie's Charming Fate).  One of Jeff's best friends growing up had a yellow lab named Sadie and he learned a lot about training and hunting dogs from Scott and Sadie.  Sadie and Chauncey (our first lab) got to hunt together too.

Her middle name Charming, was in Chauncey's full name Sir Charming Chauncey.  Fate is important too but I won't make it public on this blog.

Every time she kisses Brent it is the cutest thing because he says, Momma she sdoes (love)s me. Caitlyn was determined to call the puppy Chauncey when we brought her home, but she has forgotten and become completely smitten with the new puppy.

This is night we picked her out
Our first night went surprising well, she slept until 6 am until she started whining like crazy.  Whew, I forgot about that!!   I just got to clean up her first accident and she is running around like a spaz, but did I mention she was super cute?

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