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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh you better watch out!

And I'm not talking about Santa Claus!

Brent Tyler! My precious little angel boy was a mess tonight. First of all he wanted to be fed NONSTOP! Secondly, he can run everywhere. The minute he hears the garage door open he is a magnet for the four wheeler. So as I was feeding the dogs he ran over to the four-wheeler, jumped up on that (it's for a 5-7 year old) with a toothbrush in his hand. I pry him off the four-wheeler and he bring him back inside, screaming of course. No sooner had I turned my back then I found Brent with 3 pieces of dog food in his mouth and let me tell you they must have been tasty because he was extremely ticked off when I grabbed them out of his mouth.

Later that evening he proudly crawled on top of a small chair and threw his hands up as if to say, "ta-da" and "I have arrived". Shortly after that he heard his dad come home so he rushed over to the stairs and ran down the stairs (practically) to get to his daddy.

Ya'll, he is 15 months. I guess it is time to admit he is no longer a baby (well always my baby) but now a toddler. BTW, he weighs a whopping 25.4 lbs because he loves to eat. The other morning I had fed him a half a banana, a bowl of oatmeal and he ate a piece of toast too - wow!

Caitlyn is doing great too. She amazes me with her skills. She can color in the lines so well. She drew me a picture today with a sun in it and told me a complete story to go with it. The picture was for my classroom. She is very good with a computer and dvd player as well. She is extremely good with her brother too and gets very upset with me when I have to tell him no.

I love them both so much... It is so fun having them both in my life!


  1. Thanks for a great commentary. I live to read your updates. Can't wait till I have a whole week with all my grandchildren in Branson. Just 10 more days! I really need to get to know Brent. Hope he loves his Papa.

  2. What a little action doll! Can't wait to get to chase him around.
    Love you!

  3. Running down the stairs!?!! EEK!! I'm still overprotective and don't let Kaden get anywhere near them! Shame on me, shame, shame! He'll be the little uncoordinated kid, and it'll be all Momma's fault!:(