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Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Farm Fun

Jeff and I took the kids to his aunt and uncle's farm in Missouri. His mom, nieces and nephews were able to come out from Colorado. We had such a great, relaxing time that it was difficult to come home to "real" life.

Jeff was able to deer in hunt, Caitlyn played outdoors with her cousins, chased guinea pigs, and rode 4-wheelers. Brent came home with multiple wounds from falling because he is all boy (poor thing). He had a good time outside as well and was so mad everytime I would take him inside. The last morning we were there Caitlyn even got to play in the snow!

Aunt Betty, Jeff's mom and I got to run down (a 2 hour drive) to Branson to do some shopping in the outlet mall while the men stayed behind to watch the kids. We had so much fun and stayed until the stores pushed us out the doors.

Everytime I go to the country I wonder if I'm not meant to live in the country? Hmmmm.

Although on the last day we were there everyone else had left. There were about 20 guests there in all. So I offered to help with laundry, breaking down beds, mopping, etc. Aunt Betty finally took me up on my offer. I was so exhausted at the end of the day. She really mops, several times over. She's 70 and she can outrun me anyday!!!


  1. Glad you had a great time, and the kids, too. Maybe you are cut out for the country life. That's a new thought for me, but it could be. You are able to do anything you want to.

    I love you, sweet heart.

  2. Really? A country girl? Hmmm....