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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Branson - Christmas of '08

This post is so late because I just don't get around to blogging anymore. It is rather sad but I'm going to try to make myself but it is such a nice way to preserve memories. And this post is such a great memory.

Every other Christmas we go to Branson with my moms side of the family. There are over 65 family members and this year 53 of us were able to get together. We had about 11-12 condos and we had a blast together.

The first picture is at Silver Dollar City where we spent a day and I enjoyed taking Caitlyn on a roller coaster. She had been on this roller coaster with her dad but this was my first time taking her.
Then we found this amazing ball house. It was a 3-4 story house with soft balls that you put in tubes so they got sucked up to the top and then you could put them in guns and shoot them out. The kids loved it and we spent a good hour there.

Caitlyn really enjoyed all the rides this year because they have so many kids rides that she can ride, even some she can ride all by herself!
Here she is in all her glory! A true picture of my girl with her cousins Maleea and Noah. Noah and Caitlyn walked through the park holding hands. It was so cute!
Here is my Grandpa (who by the way is in the best shape) and his 7 daughters.
Brent had a great time and learned to crawl up on the coffee table, couch and chairs while we were in Branson.
Caitlyn enjoyed being with her cousins Ava and Olivia nonstop while we were there!
We had our own church service, swimming pool times, mini golf tournaments and bowling day.
We had to get two lanes for all the kids and of course they didn't keep score but they did have a blast!
This was Caitlyn's first time to bowl and she loved it but tired easily after insisting on picking up an 8 lb. repeatedly. She was then ready to eat some good 'ol bowling ally food.
Mimi enjoyed helping the kids bowl though. I think it was just her speed!!!
It was a great vacation and one we look forward to every other year. I have the best family!


  1. What a fun time it was! It is a treasure to get to be together.

  2. Good blog, great pictures, and wonderful remembering a fabulous time with you and your kids and all the other family.