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Monday, February 23, 2009

A Ball of Bowling!

Caitlyn loves bowling since we have a new bowling alley in town. It is the neatest place.

They have automatic bumpers that go up for children. And down for adults.
You can eat right at your table. And that my friends makes my little guy happy as well, even if he can't hold all the big bowling balls that he so desperately wants!


  1. Wow that is the perfect place for your darling little family!

  2. LOL! So I clicked on the pic of the two kids to see their sweet faces better... yeah did you notice the guy popping his zit in the background?? LOL

  3. How fun! The kids are growing like weeds!!

  4. Thanks for the comment. SO much of what I do (especially classroom management) I learned from you.

    I HATE that I'm going to miss you on the 28th. I'll be in Fredricksburg for the weekend. I agree, we do need to get together. I would love to see you guys. Maybe one Saturday??

  5. We have to go and try the new bowling place, I have heard great things about it. Your little guy is so cute, I want to pinch his chubby cheeks! look ridiculously skinny!