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Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeff

Last night we began celebrating Jeff's birthday. I surprised Jeff with a special family dinner of lasagna and all the fixin's and his favorite cake!
He is the big 3-5! But isn't he handsome!
I even got him roses. I didn't know what he'd think, but luckily he thought it was cool. That's good because today at work they are delivering a special surprise!
Brent picked out a birthday card and signed it! It was so funny because the card said something about thanks for showing me this and that but I always let you do it for me -um, how true!
Caitlyn wrote her daddy's name for the first time! Her card was something in regards to him sleeping with his eyes shut - completely silly but she had so much fun picking it out!
Here is the birthday boy! Tonight I am taking him out on a date!


  1. You are like WIFE OF THE YEAR!!! You go girl! I hope you guys have a great date night together! Happy Birthday, Jeff!

  2. Love the pictures! Happy Birthday Jeff! What a sweet, cute family.