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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Uninspired & Quick Updates but no pictures

I have come to this page multiple times only to leave. I have nothing to write, no fancy title, I don't have the camera or I don't have the special attachment for the new camera card. Frustrating. My poor kids are going to have nothing to document their lives.

I have had two requests for pictures and I will try to get those posted soon. I tried last night but blogger said it was taking too much time and wouldn't allow my request. I quickly turned off the computer in disgust. Ugh!

This week has been productive though. I have cleaned out my closet, organized the toys and moved most of them upstairs into the kids room, enjoyed myself, done a lot of little things on my list, enjoyed myself and am planning some things for Jeff's birthday. Tomorrow he can run for president! Thankfully he is not a political person but that is the last big age milestone for him for a long time.

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  1. We are getting ready for Shawn's 30th birthday on Saturday...glad you are enjoying your time's always nice when it's productive :)