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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Brent

Brent turned 2 today. Hard to believe because he is growing up so fast!

He loves to climb up on everything.
He will follow after his sister and do whatever she is doing.
He enjoys playing cars, shooting baskets, and making "play" food with his sisters.

He has started climbing out of his bed but luckily we have found some peace in that he will stay now until the morning! Thankfully! I am not ready for the toddler bed.

He has begun potty training. All his doing. Not mine. I'm fine waiting until forever.... But choo-choo underwear are so cool.

He throws a fit when we make him sit in a high-chair of any sort or wear a bib, because of course he is a big boy now.

He still gives me kisses, and hugs and lets me rock him whenever I want to. I love him dearly!

Happy Birthday Brent


  1. Wow! 2 years old! amazing. What a doll. I can tell he is changing from a baby into a little boy. How precious he is. Thank you God for Brent.

  2. Two?!? It seems like yesterday that you were pregnant with him and new to Hartman!! Happy Birthday, Brent!!!