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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekend Fun

Friday night was Meet the Teacher Night. It went very well and afterwards Jeff and I rushed over to the new Cowboys Stadium for the first game there. We met our friends and had a great time.
We actually found decent parking where we didn't have to walk for but it isn't known for being cheap, even though we found a cheaper spot. Check it out, Jeff thinks it looks like a space ship!
The view from our seats. Very nice. We were about 3 out of 7 levels.
Saturday Jeff and Caitlyn headed to the deer lease. Jeff said Caitlyn was a fantastic help, handing him tools and such. She enjoyed laying on the corn and playing in her boots!! Brent was sad not to go but maybe next year.
Before they took off Jeff was able to get in a golf lesson with Brent.
Check out that swing!

He would run after the ball dragging his club back. So precious! More pictures coming of our late minute trip to the lake too.


  1. All your picts are great and the picture of you and Jeff is beautiful! How neat that you got to go to the first game, even though we are still wondering how you made it there so fast from your school. Maybe a space ship picked you up? I'm glad Caitlyn had a good time with Jeff. Brent the golfer is just too cute!

  2. What, no FIRST shirt at the game??!!