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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Catching up!

I am so bad at blogging these days. I have tons to write about and not enough time. Oh well, for the 3 of you out there, here are some fun things going on!

Brent is talking non-stop. He is talking in sentences, repeating everything we say and absolutely adorable. It is fun that others are able to understand him as well. He is proud to be in "unerwer" (underwear). He is obviously a self-starter like Jeff because he took on this task and we are following through. I'm in awe at how well he is doing especially after Caitlyn's potty training was such a train wreck.

Caitlyn is doing well in school. She can write her first and last name and is beginning to inquire about how things are spelled. Yesterday she told me that go was spelled "g-o". I love that! She loves to dress up - all the time. Thank goodness I found some good deals after Halloween on princess costumes!! She will love those presents for Christmas. We pick out Caitlyn's clothes every night for the next day. The other night she couldn't decide on an outfit so I stepped in and made a choice after about 15 minutes. She was so upset and cried, "Put it back. I want to be pinkalicious!!" I had picked out a brown shirt and jeans. When I picked her up at school she still had her pink jacket on and zipped all the way up. Little stinker!

Jeff is full swing into hunting and is on a new deer lease where there is more for the kids to do, i.e. four-wheeling. Luckily Caitlyn is old enough to go several times this year. Last week Jeff took Caitlyn and I got to spend time with Brent. After he settled down from crying hysterically that he didn't get to go we had a great weekend together.I love teaching first grade! There is nothing better than seeing your students learn to read! I have also been scrap booking digitally and I just got my first book. I made the blog header at the top which I am very excited about.

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  1. I like the catch up post! Can't believe how big the kids are getting, but glad to see everything is going well for you guys. I've meant to tell you the last couple of times I read your blog that I like your new background, header, etc. Looks good!