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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Big Five

As my sister has pointed out twice, I have not blogged about my daughters birthday.  Ugh!  I'm horrible. 

We had a fantastic birthday.  She had two friends over to the theme of a "Dress Up Party".  I painted their nails, put on a little bit of make up and we played a fun game up Pass the Purse.  It is a twist on Musical Chairs and when the music stops you get to take jewelry out of the purse and put it on.  By the end of the game the kids were silly looking with jewelry as you could see in the picture above. 

I quickly printed out that picture and used it for the frame they made so they could it home for a party favor with all of that jewelry.  It seemed to be a real hit!  I like have parties at the house!!

We also had another birthday get together with Kenley and Jacob who couldn't be with us at the party.  It is always fun to have multiple birthday parties and stretch it out!

Thank you Chelsea for the tip to update my Blogger.  I appreciate it.  I sure do wish you lived closer.  If you want to know her tip you should check out my comments from yesterday!

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