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Monday, February 22, 2010

Is there anybody out there?????

So one of my friends asked me today if I was ever going to blog again. So I truthfully answered, "No."

There is so much to do.

I feel like every post needs a picture and have you ever uploaded on blogger - that takes forever!!!

I feel like I wear so many hats and I can only juggle so many at one time. I mean my laundry is all done and put away, my meals are planned and groceries are bought and I'm up to date on Facebook and General Hospital.

But really, I do like keeping up with my blog (in theory). So I have a question for the two of you. Do you know of an easier way to upload pictures? How do you keep up with the pictures you take and storing them on the computer and then blogging? Any genius ideas?

I'll trade you! A neat hint for some advice. This is cool and time saving. You can use the space bar to scroll down an entire page. Try it the next time you are reading a blog or book on the internet!


  1. I miss your blogging & will do anything to encourage more of it. Have you changed to the "updated" post editor? If you click on the SETTINGS tab, scroll down to GLOBAL SETTINGS & you'll see it. I find that a lot easier for photos. It's not perfect but it's a little better. Did you know that Kristi we used to teach with has a blog??

  2. Ah...she's back!!! I'm sorry I don't really have any tips on up loading pics to blogger in quicker...heck it usually takes me all of Mason's naptime to finish one post. Glad you back...I've missed you. And really you don't need pics for every post...sometimes we just won't to hear you. :)

  3. I don't do much with posting Pics, Steph. But, I wanted you to know I'm out here. You're awesome. However, I will say that I love because it allows me to keep up with all of my blogs in one spot instead of having to check every single blog and keep finding out noone has updated.

  4. Stephanie, I followed Chelsea's suggestion about the newer post editor. I like it very much. You can upload all your pictures to start with, then add them one at a time in the spot where you would like them, as you are typing. No need to drag them around. Or you can upload them one at a time, when you get to the place you want to insert them. And them seemed to upload faster. Try it. And thanks for the birthday party report.