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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Toy Story 3 and a Carnival of sorts

Yesterday morning Jenn and I took the kids to Bounce House sort of Carnival right up the street.  It was incredibly hot and our little ones would only get in the original bounce house of jumping, no slides or fancy obstacles.  Which is a good thing because I would probably have to go through it and get them out.  It was only about 96 degrees at the time so we only lasted about 20 minutes and then head to Chick Fil A and it's literally cool indoor playground.

Last night Jeff and I took the kids to Toy Story 3.  They both unbelievably adorable in their 3D glasses (so wish I had my camera).  They both did so well in the movie and were very into the action.  At one point Caitlyn even screamed out!  Ha! I love the idea that toys could have a life after kids leave the room and have relationships, but wouldn't it be great if they took the initiative to organize themselves too.  Or maybe that is really why our toys are ALWAYS mixed up!

Last but certainly not least our puppy was born last night.  The momma dog had 5 females and 4 males.  So we will bring our newest addition home on August 14th!!

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  1. Cute pictures of the kids!! Sounds like a fun Saturday- I can't wait to see pictures of your new baby!!