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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's Tricky to get these little Treats up on the blog!

 But better late than never!
 Presenting my Leopard and Thomas the Train makes a comeback in 2011!
 I normally let them have a piece of candy and then there sweet loot is out of here.  This year I broke down and let them check it out and indulge for a week.  Okay, so WE all did!
Even my little man is big enough to let a big bowl of candy sit on the table and not get into it.  When we got back from passing out candy the kids were able to pass out candy to the other kids.  They had the best time passing out candy! 

We had a great time walking around the neighborhood with our dear friends.  It's pretty cool when your close enough to your friend's kids that they run up and grab your hand to walk too.  Priceless!

Great night!!!

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