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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Opening Season

 We went to the deer lease last weekend for the much anticipated opening weekend.  We were up long before the sun and in the deer blind, as you can tell by the sunlight in the picture.
 This man lives for the hunting but thankfully he really enjoys taking his family with him even more!
 Brent ran up to me when I picked him up from school yelling, "We are going to the deer lease!"
 The kids love using their own binoculars to check for deer.
 They love climbing all over us also!  It is a tight fit but quite cozy!!
 Afterward we checked the camera on the feeder and then trekked footprints on the way back to the truck.

 Caitlyn even found a shed antler!
 We rode four wheelers for a good chunk of our afternoon. Check out Caitlyn our her own four wheeler.
 She is a wild woman on it too!  She loves to get off the rode and drive through the trees, over branches and through the creeks that of course are dry.
 Brent still loves to ride with daddy!  Smart choice!
 In the afternoon, we were all pretty snoozy in the blind.  I love how the kids snuggle and check out how Caitlyn is holding Brent's hand.  I hope they are sweet like this forever!
Jeff let them ride in the back of the truck from the blind down to the feeder.  We had the back window open and Brent kept leaning in and saying, "Dad, we sure are having fun back here!"  It's the little things!


  1. Memories your kids will remember forever!! So fun!

  2. So precious! What a wonderful time together! Thanks for letting us enjoy it, even from a distance.