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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy 5th birthday Brent

Yesterday we celebrated Brent's birthday party at Shenigans!  He invited friends from school and they had a blast!

It's so hard to believe that my sweet baby boy has grown up so quickly.  It seems like yesterday that we had him and today he is turning 5.  He insists that we call him a big boy.  I really like to call him "my baby".  But he will not allow it (Boo!)

He loved his cake!  And so did we.  A lady at Jeff's office made it and she just makes cakes for a hobby.  It was terrific!

He had a bowling party and everyone had a great time!
I didn't get a picture of everyone but even the adults got to bowl.  It was also a good dance floor for the kids!
Baby Drew came to our party!  And I had just a few pictures.  Isn't he a cutie!
It isn't a party until you have a cake!
Brent would open his present and then Caitlyn would hold it up and proudly so everyone could see.  I love her enthusiasm.  I'm so glad she never got jealous or upset.  It was a great party!!

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  1. That cake is adorable. I cannot believe Brent is 5- WHAT?!?! That went way too fast.