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Monday, October 29, 2007

First Timer!

I'm super excited to have my own blog, thanks to my dad and sister. My dad provided the name and my sister set up the site for me. Thank you!

First things first, Happy Birthday Kari. I love you lots and am so glad we are so close - thanks to the telephone.

Brent rolled over tonight. He is 7 weeks old so I'm pretty sure it was total accident. I left him on the couch, very close to the back of the couch. I went to take laundry to the laundry room and returned. He was on his back close to the edge. Now Caitlyn was close by so it is possible that she had something to do with this. However she is getting good at telling on herself for both good and bad. So I really think it was by accident. Either way it was cool. Question is do you count it as his first?

Today at school I had to get on to one of my students. I actually said, "That's a no-no." I had to promptly apologize. Can you believe it? Then another student kindly said, "You can use no-no, we like that." They are such a sweet group.

Yikes, now I'm wondering how to end this blog. Do I say Sincerely, Stephanie or I'll get back to you later? I remember always having trouble with this when I would attempt to keep a diary too.


  1. Stephanie, you are a natural at this blogging thing. The way to end it: I just stop whenever I want to. No need to say bye or later or anything. I will add your blog link to my blog site. This is so much fun. -- Dad

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere! And thanks for the bday wishes! I am so glad we are close too! Love you!