Finally Recess
Time to sit back and have a cup of coffee

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sweet Face

While in the bathroom while Caitlyn was brushing her teeth (it was her turn tonight) I just kept looking at her sweet face. She was smiling so big. She has such a cute, adorable face and gorgeous hazel eyes.

I thought in to the future at how much fun it will be when I am able to understand everything she says. Sometimes you can understand everything so clearly and then she speaks complete jibberish. Tonight at the dinner table she told me, "Daddy will spank me." I told her yes he does sometimes. She finally said, "Daddy spank me on my butt." I had to laugh. Where does she learn this stuff. At least she knows the parts of the body!

Brent has such a sweet, chubby face. I love to kiss him on his fat cheeks. It's so hard not to eat him up - although I refrain. I weighed him last night on the bathroom scale. It says he's 12.5 lbs. I have checked that with the doctor's office on the day of and it is pretty close. He is usually a little bit under, so I'd guess he is 12 lbs. WOW!

Jeff said that he pretty much smiled all morning. Jeff is staying home with the kids in the morning until around 11:15 and it's been awesome. He helps with the laundry, dishes (he loads and unloads the dishwasher), and the house is always straightened up. This is the best gift he could have given me for going back to work.

Although my day is jam packed when I get home. I have to bring in about 6 bags from the car consisting of my purse, lunch bag, pumping bag, Caitlyn's backpack, Brent's baby bag and if I have it my teaching bag. Oh yeah and my jacket. Then I get Brent and Caitlyn out. Today I got all the above, Brent and Caitlyn in in the same trip. I did not get the mail.

Now after that I really want to fall down and veg, but I can't. I have to feed Brent, change over laundry, start dinner, clean up living room, continue dinner, play a game with Caitlyn, clean up living room, finish dinner, and on and on. Usually all while holding Brent.

I could go on and on but recess is over! Time to go again. (Thanks for the tip mom, via dad, via Kari!!!!)


  1. What a great writer you are! And busy! So what are you taking? Love your stories, Stephie.

  2. You are so super busy AND you blogged about it! WOW! You are amazing!

  3. Wow! Your day is packed. Jeff is wonderful to do all he can to make your days easier. I remember trying to get out the door with so many things - children, bags, etc. A couple of times I would get everyone and everything into the car in the garage and realize when I got to work that I had forgotten my coat. Cold mornings - long walk from the parking lot! Love you!