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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Brent 9 months

Watch out! He can come and get you now!!

Poor thing has to put up with Caitlyn just "trying" to play with him. That is her new word now!

Oops! You caught me playing!

He loves to crawl up on his toy and dance on it. He will shake his little rear to the music, it is so cute. I got it on video but apparently the video was too long and too big for every program out there so I can't share it with you - sorry!

Brent now has 4 teeth, loves to pull up on anything he can, and this morning he even took a few steps and started cruising! He loves to giggle and play with his sister. He loves to eat and demands to eat whatever you have in your hands at the time or he will cry bloody murder, which is pretty much the only time he cries. Well that and then whenever, I (mom), leave the room. He has the funniest crawl ever. He pushes off with his right foot and then crawls regular. He tolerates his sister being overly loving and is probably scheming of several ways of getting her back one day! He is so kissable and huggable and I love him so much and thank God everyday that he has brought Brent and Caitlyn into my life!

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  1. What a cutie! I love those thighs and cheeks! Very edible!