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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Coleman for the Weekend

This weekend we went to Coleman, Texas for the annual PRCA rodeo. It is always such a great time and so fun to see all of our friends down there. We love to get away and go hunting down there and this time I came away with no chiggers from Chigger County!!!! Can't believe it!

Unfortunately I did not get a single picture of the rodeo but I got some cute pictures of Caitlyn driving the car up the deer lease hill to fill the feeders. She had a great time and we had a blast laughing at her driving skills and listening to her ramble on and on, jumping from subject to the next!

She might have even started catching on to which way was left and which was right - well maybe not. On the way leaving our friends, uh, mansion we let her drive down his driveway (street) and she had us going all over the road and grass on either side of the road. We were laughing hysterically. Good memories!

Here is Jeff fishing on the hottest day ever. We fished several different ponds for about 5 minutes each. It was too hot to stand still and luckily it had rained 2 nights before so the ponds were very muddy (well lucky for me so we could keep moving!).
Keep reading the next 2 posts, I've posted 3 times today to try to catch up!

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  1. Do you all have a house or are you just gypsies now? Seriously, do you stay home?