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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Florida Vacation

Our vacation was wonderful and we had a great time. Both Caitlyn and Brent did great on the airplane and with all the traveling. We went to Daytona Beach first and stayed in a condo right on the beach. Lastly we went to Disneyworld and stayed on their grounds in a beautiful hotel. We met our friends from Colorado and their two daughters in Florida and it was just a blast. For fun, or because it's the way my pictures are loaded I will tell the story in reverse! Here is Caitlyn watching a show of all the characters, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofey, and all the princesses! She loved it - Jeff probably not so much, it was sooooooo hot! But the smile on her face is unforgettable.Here we are at the Disney Coronado hotel, you can see the lake and other beautiful buildings behind us. We had been to swim earlier in the day. Our swimming pool had a large water slide. Caitlyn went down several times alone and once with her dad. She swam with a life vest on and finally got the hang of moving her legs and swimming on her own (and not hanging on me!). Anyway on our way back she told me she wanted to get her picture on this rock. She had seen us take a picture of Collin's family there the night before - she has such a memory.

We did several "fair" like games at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Her dad won her a large dinosaur playing basketball. That was fun to pack for the plane trip back!

Here is a good picture of the both of us. I believe it was at Disney's Magic Kingdom the first night. Once we got to Orlando we stored our luggage at the hotel (our room wasn't ready yet) and headed over to the Magic Kingdom. We stayed late that evening and enjoyed their awesome fireworks show!

Here is Jeff and Caitlyn on the Dumbo ride, that they had to wait in line forever to get on!

Just a cute picture of Mr. Brent. We were commenting how he is such a good baby and our friends corrected saying he is not good, he's a great baby! He really is. The week we were on vacation he started pulling up on everything, the coffee table, his stroller seat (I know there's a buckle to prevent that), basically anything he could pull up on he would.

Here we are at restaurant on the hotel grounds overlooking the lake, while we are waiting to get checked in. This is Hayden, their oldest daughter holding Brent.

This is our last evening in Daytona Beach and we found the perfect place to get a picture taken.

We played mini golf while we were there and Reagan and Caitlyn had a blast kicking off each hole. Luckily they went really fast and sometimes even picked up their balls and put them in the hole!

Here's my hottie and he is such a good dad, too. Happy Father's Day Jeff! I totally messed up and forgot to tell him while we were on vacation. Finally during breakfast he told his buddy, Collin, Happy Father's Day and finally Kristy and I remembered. They rubbed it in the whole day. Luckily when we flew in that evening I had a present waiting for him.

Here is Brent driving his first video racing game. I think he is winning! This is after eating ice-cream at a joint after a long day the beach.

It was so fun to see Caitlyn change while we were on the beach. When we first got there she was scared of the water and waves. It didn't take long for her to run down to the water by herself and get water for her sand castle.

She soon got brave enough for me to take her out and jump the waves together. She loved it, Brent never did warm up to the ocean waters but he loves to splash in the pool.

Here she is playing at the water's edge.

Brent is now fulling crawling and can get wherever he wants to go quickly. He has a funny crawl but it works for him. He liked the beach, he would take his morning nap on the beach under the umbrella. It did get difficult to have him on the beach though because he would grab handfuls of sand and insert them directly to his mouth. We tried to stop him, then we let him do it and figured he stop on his own - NO. So then we removed him and changed sandy diapers for a day or so! The pool is so much easier!

Here is a view looking down from our condo's patio.

Here is our setup. The condo provided the umbrellas, lawnchairs, beach towels, sand toys and boogie boards. We had a great time jumping the waves on our boogie boards - that is the best fun.
I did forget my camera charger and we had to buy a new one on the trip. Then in Disney World I ran out of memory space on my camera. I haven't taken pictures off my camera since Christmas, yikes. So every once in a while I had to go back through my photos on my camera and delete bad, fuzzy ones, etc to make room for new ones but it all worked out.
I hope you enjoy our pictures, I'm sure I have forgotten cute stories, but this is all for now!


  1. Great pictures! You guys look like you really enjoyed yourselves. Love seeing Jeff with the kids. He is a good dad. Caitlyn is such a grown up, wow! You got some really great poses of her, thanks for sharing them. I found that I have to upload my pictures in reverse order of what I want to show. The first upload will be pushed down by the next one. First shall be last and the last shall be first.

  2. Seeing your beach pictures makes me so ready to go! 3 more weeks for us....

    Hope you are enjoying your time off!