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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Big Steps

Brent took his first steps tonight. While I wasn't looking he took 3 steps with Jeff. A few steps later he stood up, concentrated for about 5-7 seconds with a beautiful, big grin on his face and then took 5 steps to his daddy. It was the most beautiful thing! I am so proud! And nervous of things to come!

On a side note, I was reading a post from my friend that she got a compliment from a parent today. She is also a teacher and it reminded me that as I was planning at my desk (late) today after school, I heard a child walk by, obviously telling an adult that they love Mrs. Rickert's class because she makes the class so fun. As they walked down the hall I couldn't hear it all but I could figure out the child was explaining a game we did today about subjects and predicates. It sure does make it worth it, all the long hours we put into it.

Chelsea, I'm glad you got your email too. Your such a great teacher!


  1. I am very, very proud of my teacher. I am glad that child is smart enough to recognize a great teacher, as well. When I think of you in your classroom teaching, I just get a warm fuzzy.

  2. Brent is doing so great! I'm sure he was trying to get it done before his big day :). What are the plans for the big NUMBER ONE??!! :)
    Kaden is not far behind...he's been standing and balancing by himself for weeks now, but we have yet to try the "walk to mommy", "walk to daddy" trick! Keep posting! I love hearing your updates!