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Monday, September 22, 2008

Decisions, decisions

Caitlyn has been in Little Gym (LG) since the beginning of the summer. It was a rocky start. I would say the root of her LG issues are social. However, I have perservered. I have taken her week after week even when I knew it would be a battle.

She has improved. Dramatically. Yet, I am wondering whether we have come to the end of the LG road.

I feel like I (she/we) stick out like a sore thumb. The teachers say it is all normal. That her behavior is normal! First of all, no three year behavior is normal! Right?

In short, she has trouble going into the classroom, even though she loves the teacher(s). She wants to watch from the door for many, long minutes. She chooses when she wants to listen, participate and stay with the group. I on the other hand require my classes to stay on task at ALL times, and they do. So my blood pressure goes through the roof during this hour. It drives me nuts to watch her naughty behavior. And it doesn't seem to bother the teachers at all.

So, I hope I have given enough information to get some feedback. What do I do? Do I stick with it? Does she need it? Have I left her out of the game too long and now she is socially behind? I'm afraid that she needs more structure, like ballet or some form of dance. But would that be too rigid? How do you know? BTW, she is in an at home daycare environment that we love.

I would love to hear your words of advice, encouragement, etc. Every Monday night this seems like a huge problem!

BTW, something good to know is that my dear daughter is stubborn, just like me. Maybe that is why we butt heads often?


  1. This sounds like me and Kenz! Keith constantly tells me I'm too hard on her...but as their mothers we know how much to expect from them. As teachers, I think it's that much harder because we have a ton of situations to compare it to, and we end up pushing them more. If she's miserable, I'd say it's okay to end it, but if she's slowly acclimating....maybe let her try it a bit longer. Do what you feel is right in YOUR gut. You've got the momma's intuition on this one. Trust yourself :).

  2. I agree with what Robin said. Definitely pray about it and I know the Lord will give you some confirmed answers! Let us know how it pans out.

  3. She's a total 3 year old! When I was a nanny, I had to take the 3 year old to ballet every week. All the other little girls were perfect little princesses; mine was a nightmare. It only made it worse that the mommies thought I was her unwed mother and attributed that to her naughty behavior. We stuck with it though and she got better. Not sure how much of LG involves the entire group at once--maybe there is too much wait time in between activities? In that case, ballet or another dance form is really fast-paced and involves all of the kids, all of the time so it might work better. She also might see how frustrated she's making you, which is fun for a 3 year old. Have you tried having Jeff take her or have you guys gone together? I miss you guys! Love, Casey

  4. What does she say if you talk about not going? If she isn't threatened by that, she might be better off without it. Is there any of the proposed activities that she feel expresses excitement about? You might just try to take a few months off and try again at four. Each age has it's new challenges, but she might embrace it with a bit more maturity. If it stresses you, I would stop. We don't need excuses for high blood pressure as parents. It happens enough for free. Don't pay for it!