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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So Much To Say - So I'll Make a List

1. I am finally starting to feel like I am getting up to speed on things in my classroom after staying most nights until 6, bringing things home with me and going up to the school on the weekends too.

2. Brent turns 1 in a week! I keep choking up!

3. Caitlyn desperately wants her hair cut like her friend, Carson, which is to her shoulders. We are fine with that - especially given the awful tangles we deal with. But the time to get it done???

4. I need to get Brent's 1 yr old pictures done but I detest the price you must pay for really nice pictures. Any suggestions in our area?

5. I have super, cute curtains for my bedroom that are still in the package because I need another curtain rod.

6. Jeff gave Brent a cute new dew last night. He shaved his hair. A little shorter than I expected but it is so cute and Brent enjoyed getting his hair cut all too. He was all smiles.

7. Our desktop computer is undergoing major repairs. I don't even know how to begin telling the woes of it all, but it has taken on a life. I finally figured out tonight how to get on the internet again. Thank goodness!

8. Back to grading and planning!


  1. do you have Portrait Innovations in your area? I love them! They take a ton of pictures so it's hard, but you can get out of there with a small fee. They took the pictures we got done for Ashton's one-year and family pics. Can't believe it's that time already!

  2. I agree with Sara! Portrait Innovations. You can get down to around the $100 package and they will give you a disk with all the pictures on it. You can do Brent & Caitlyn, and Brent& Caitlyn together, change their clothes, anything you want. We like them!

  3. I should have continued and said that you can go even cheaper than $100 but that just gets you the disk of pictures. You just have to set in your mind how much you want to spend and just keep eliminating pictures until you get into the price range you want.

  4. I remember when you were pregnant with that went by so fast!

  5. Brent is a year?!?! Ughhh... it's been too long. Last time I held him he was a tiny baby. Let's do something in Oct. for sure.

    I'm sorry you're working so much, but it's kind of nice to know that someone else is in the same boat. Only, when I come home I only have Lexi to worry about. =)