Finally Recess
Time to sit back and have a cup of coffee

Monday, October 6, 2008

Little Gym Success

We took a week off and I'm proud to report that my sweetheart did much better. Tonight I told her that if she didn't listen to directions and stay inside the gym area that we would go home. She did a great job!

I figure there is no reason to sit and allow my BP to rise and allow her to act crazy. I'm so proud of her good behavior so of course I rewarded her with ice cream when we got home.

On a side note, I have obviously been taking some time off from blogging. I've been trying to keep my head above water with school and family. I'm hoping to get back to it because there is so much I want to record before I forget, like Brent's first birthday pictures, what he is doing now, a cute story about my wedding ring and so much more. We have been so busy around here and unfortunately I haven't been photographing it either. I hope when I start writing there is still someone out there to read it!


  1. I'm out here to read your blogs when you are able to blog ;) I know it's hard trying to balance work, family, etc.

  2. I'm sitting on the edge of my chair, waiting patiently.

  3. Looking forward to some good blogs, it's hard to fit everything in! I'm glad it was a good night at little gym. One day, you'll have some stories to tell her when she gets older!!