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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Caitlyn's New Camera

Caitlyn got a new camera for her 4th birthday from a very dear friend. The pictures aren't the best pixel quality and the camera doesn't have a flash, but what I love is the perspective she is able to capture that I will never be able to. She is enjoying her camera and thankfully it is durable as Brent loves to get his hands on it every chance he gets!
It's dark but you can see how Jeff attached Brent's basketball hoop to the stairs. He even more recently raised it. This is one of my little man's favorite activities, "ball, ball"
It is very difficult to get through the garage without Brent climbing up on the four-wheeler.
He loves to ride.
As you can see by this gorgeous smile!
Here is life at my house around 5:00 every night. Holding a baby, putting him down, picking him, etc, all while cooking a "gourmet" meal. Priceless shot!
Here's daddy and Brent (he's in camo - can you find him?) trying to get me out of bed.
Who can sleep and resist a smile like that?
Here are two of Caitlyn's friends. The piano is always a big hit at our house, too bad I never sit down to play anymore.

Hmmm, I'm sure I'm looking up the stairs at one of the children running through my house that afternoon.
Carson just adores Brent.
Lastly, it is not a great picture but it shows exactly what Brent is into these days, crawling up on every surface that he possibly can. His main word of choice it seems is, "up, up." In fact he says that even when he wants to get down.

Thank you Caitlyn for showing a different view of our life. It's priceless and mommy loves it!

By the way, there are two posts today!


  1. I LOVE those!!! It is SO true that their view must be very different from ours!! HA!

  2. I love it that Caitlyn has a camera, and we get to see things from her point of view! And I love seeing Brent's big smile. Life is good.

  3. Thank you Stephanie for putting these pictures on here. Glad to see Caitlyn is enjoying her camera, but most of all, happy to see what she thinks is important enough to take a picture of...they are great!!!!