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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter 2009

We had a fabulous Easter today! We made it to church on time, found a great parking spot and everything! Here are the kids opening their Easter baskets. I really tried to not load them up with too much candy and small toys that would just end up littering my house. They were still very excited!!! I was a little worried but it is so easy to please little ones. Brent kept calling the eggs "ball" and chucking them.
Here we are at lunch. Aunt Claudia got the kids presets that dance and sing songs and a ton of other toys to occupy them at lunch.

Uncle Les and Brent. I love the squished up eyes on Brent!
Aunt Claudia and Caitlyn.

Our family picture. Notice Brent's little plaid shoes. They are soooo cute!
My handsome men. I am starting to notice that Brent is beginning to look more like me (well, a little bit!).
Caitlyn dressed her self this morning. We laid all her clothes out last night. My mom used to do this every night before Easter and I loved waking up to my Easter clothes being hung up on my door (of course she made everything that night because she rocks!)
Caitlyn and Brent were not afraid of the Easter Bunny this year. Brent would not take his eyes off of the Easter Bunny though.
There were bunnies when we arrived.
Here are our precious little ones all dressed up and ready to go to church. Happy Easter!


  1. I love the pictures, the kids are so adorable, and the grownups look great. What a wonderful family. Yes, I can see a little bit of little Stephanie in Brent, too.

  2. Oh! How can I be so blessed with such beautiful, smiling grandchildren. They are adorable, wish I could get my hands on them. But of course, they would have to beautful with such a knock-out handsome couple for parents. Love all the outfits, head to toe. You are blessed, blessed, blessed.

  3. You have such a cute little family! Glad you guys had a great Easter! And, I love B's little plaid shoes...too cute!