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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Aunt Betty

Aunt Betty in her element (cooking a big breakfast for everyone)
Jeff had lost touch with his great Aunt Betty and Uncle Sunny for the majority of his life.  I remember sending them an invitation when we got married but they were unable to make it to our wedding because they lived in Australia at the time.  They recently moved to Missouri on a beautiful farm with deer that attracted Jeff and tractors and barns that Brent adored.  But even more than all these things we all just loved Aunt Betty.

She was strong and dynamic.  Outgoing and funny.  She lived to take care of others and could flat run circles around me and a handful of others at the same time.

Her cooking was phenomenal. She insisted on making everyone's favorite at each meal and she made the best jam that she would send home with us every time she came.  It did not matter what time of day or evening we got there she would get up and offer us something to eat.  I'm not just talking about a snack or a sandwich but a complete meal.
She loved her babies
 We played cards late into the night and between each meal (and she won 9 out of 10 times), we drove into Branson and shopped, and we stayed up late into the wee hours talking.

She would repeat stories sometimes but I didn't mind.  I would just take it all in.  I loved hearing about Jeff's family and how important family is to her.  I enjoyed when she pulled out the photo albums and we found a few pictures of Jeff when he was little. 

Uncle sunny and Aunt Betty at the annual 4th of July celebration
She bottle fed calves when needed
She insisted on having the children come and stay with her for a week in the summer and she came to see us too and went to the Great Wolf Lodge water park.  She loved the rides!
Our final picture at Great Wolf Lodge

Aunt Betty and Uncle Sunny loved each other so much.  They didn't just live together but you could see their love.  They checked in on each other throughout the day and doted on each other.  I loved seeing their love.

Aunt Betty lived fast and furiously and she died the same way.  She was diagnosed with lung cancer the week before July 4th.  Sadly, she died 2 months later on Labor Day.  Jeff and I are still in shock.  She was an amazing person and we wish we could have reconnected with her earlier.  We are beyond grateful that we had these years with her.

Caitlyn had a hard time with Gigi and Chauncey dying so Jeff and I were nervous about telling her.  She only asked if Uncle Sunny would still live at the farm with the the barn and immediately started talking about Chauncey.  It does make it kind of tough because we are not going to Missouri at this time because  Aunt Betty did not want a service so we will go to Missouri when things settle down to check on Uncle Sunny.  I'm sure it will be more real for Caitlyn at that time and actually for me too.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. She sounds like an amazing woman and you have great memories of the time you did have. I lost my uncle this Labor Day as well...not quite the holiday we had anticipated. :(

  2. What a sweet lady and a precious relationship. I'm so glad we got to meet her, too. Thank you for sharing the heartfelt words and the great pictures. I love you.