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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Brent

It doesn't seem long ago that we rushed to the hospital to have Brent.  
But today my baby turned 3 years old.  WOW!  He his a a walking, clearly talking, sweet baby boy that is (PTL!) potty trained.
He is checking out his independence more and doesn't really care to hold my hand as much.  He can do "everything" himself and it is no longer his favorite thing to give me hugs and kisses (they are now quick and let's get it over with.  BOO!)  But if I take him to the deer lease and let him run and play all day long, he will be so tired that he will snuggle and sleep with me around the campfire and I love that!

For his birthday we took him to Chuck E Cheese and of course he loved it.  His favorite thing to do there is play football, basketball or ski ball.  Do you see a theme with this boy?  He could really care less about opening his presents because all he wanted to do was play.  But we forced convinced him.  He got 2 new trains for his track, a Toy Story Lego set, a sand box in the backyard, a new basketball that is coming, and a book from Grandpa and Grandma.  He is a very blessed boy.

Caitlyn was so excited to celebrate Brent's birthday all day!  These two precious angels also got to enjoy homemade chocolate chip cupcakes from our dear friend Miss Jenn.

Happy Birthday Brent!

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  1. Happy Birthday Brent! Sounds like a fantastic day. Love that little Boy.