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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snowball Fight

 Caitlyn randomly said yesterday as we were watching some TV program (not the news) that all the people all on TV were fake except the weathermen.  I found that statement to be so funny.  I knew that one day she would find out that sometimes weathermen are wrong but today is not that day.  They predicted 2-4 inches of snow and we got it. 

We received about 2-3 inches in our area.  It is always so much fun to get snow when you have little children.  It accumulated pretty quickly and Caitlyn went outside to check it out ASAP!
 As soon as Brent and Daddy got back from the deer lease the word of the day was Snowball!  The kids would make a snowball, run at you, throw, and scream "Snowball!"  Luckily their aim is as bad as mine and daddy was unloading and not playing!
I just love this picture of true happiness.  You might have to click on it to make it larger but the smile shows pure joy and you can tell she is jumping up and down.

It was so fun to see everyone's pictures on FB and posts on their blogs of their children playing in the snow today.

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