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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Whooping Cough 2011

It seems like every other year I get a really bad cough that lasts about a good month, or as I prefer to diagnose it as the whooping cough.  Don't worry though, because I still don't get any extra attention around here.  Okay, I have put my violin down. 

I really do feel sorry for those friends and family members that have to be around me and hear my awful cough.  It is quite annoying.  Luckily it does not seem to be contagious, so I can still get around but it does wear me out and the minute Jeff gets home tonight I am going to bed!

I leave you with sweet pictures of my kiddos playing mini-golf with my extended family in Branson.  We had to have a married person, college-aged or close person and pre-school age person on our team to make it fair.  Hole 4 was played shooting the club like a pool stick (up hill), hole 8 was kicking it, hole 12 was backwards and hole 12 was blind.  My uncle is very inventive.  Our team came in 4th and had a great time!  I think we had 5 teams total (56 out of 69 family members were able to be there this year!)

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