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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fun Kid Things

  • Brent started climbing the stairs this week, after only one unsuccessful try where he fell back and hit his head. Luckily he cried a little bit and then thought it was worth it, laughed real big and went at it again!
  • He has cut another tooth. He now has his tooth front teeth so that makes 5 teeth in all.
  • Caitlyn is getting much better at Little Gym. She even followed the directions for 88% of the time tonight.
  • She likes to play Hide and Sleep or as you and I would call it Hide and Go Seek. It is a good time to play this game. She will tell you where to hide so it is very, oh, and she also tells you where she will hide so it is very easy to find her!
  • Brent has a black eye from his sister. Apparently he clawed her eye and she does have marks on her eye. When I questioned about both the marks she fessed up that he clawed her so she hit him with a board book in the eye. I figured out that's why he was crying so hard. Poor baby!

1 comment:

  1. B+ in Gym, better than me!

    Take advantage of the Hide and Sleep. I would volunteer for the sleep role!

    At least your brute still fesses up! Honesty is a wonderful thing!