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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mommy & Me Time

When Brent takes his morning nap it gives Caitlyn and I a special time to play. I am in awe of how big he is getting in his crib.
This picture looks much better. He looks much smaller! Isn't he just precious. He always sleeps under is blanket just like that!

Here is my princess all ready to play!

We have been reading this great book at night. Please notice that Diego is posing with the book, made possible by Caitlyn Corporation. My 4th graders helped me pick out this book and many others for Caitlyn in the Summer Scholastic magazine.
I told Caitlyn the night before we did this activity (days are all running together) that I had a puzzle somewhere that went with the book. She asked me where. I told I wasn't quite sure but we'd find it tomorrow. Well the cutie pie found it in her "Puzzle In A Bag" box, right where it should be.

So here she is working her puzzle and saying each piece as we go, each time. It took a looonnnggg time! But we had fun.

She is very good at puzzles, so I am holding my breath that she will be a good critical thinker and good at math story problems.

And I threw in this picture just because she gave me the best smile and insisted that she pose with Cali!
What kinds of things do you with your three year old when you can still away a few minutes alone with them?


  1. Love the new pictures!! Gosh.. it is so hard to believe how big Caitlyn is. She is precious!! She looks SOO much like you. Do people tell you that a lot?

  2. I LOVE your new pictures! The kids are getting so big! I hope you are having a GREAT summer!

  3. What darlings! What can you do with a 3 yr old? How about a cooking show, snuggling, playing, and reading more books than usual? That's what I used to do with my little girl! Oh, yes, you already do that.
    Love you!