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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Brent has a lot of it. He is determined to go up the stairs. He loves to crawl up the stairs no matter how he has to maneuver to get there. He used to have to just get out of the toy room/office. Then I had to close the French doors. Our toy room has another set of doors that open up into the kitchen. So he slowly figured out that he could go out these doors and go around and up the stairs. Now there is no stopping him. It takes him about 30 seconds to get out and to the stairs. Now I have brilliantly figured out that I can open the pantry door and move over the trashcan for a makeshift gate to block his path to the stairs.

Well, unfortunately for me, I'm afraid he is slowly but surely figuring out he can go all the way around the kitchen, into the dining room, into the living room and back around to the stairs. He has only done it twice but yes - he is determined folks!

We do not want to put up a gate at the steps. We would rather watch him because a gate is such a pain to manipulate going over time and time again. So we will see what our future holds.

Well as I write he has successfully gotten to the stairs a 3rd time!


  1. He reminds me of another little determined person!

  2. For your own sanity, buy the gate!